Spirit of the house

Our protagonist is an old Parsi house in Bombay (yes, we still call her Bombay), waiting to be taken down; it could probably be its last day. It reminisces on old memories and grandeur with which it stood all these years, and goes down a nostalgic path before it bids final farewell.

We are calling it “Spirit of the House”

Looking down the barrel, it knows its time has come. They had come, those vultures to give it one last look, and meticulously plan on how to take it down, it wont be easy, I have a strong foundation, it had thought to himself. If only it could tell them how many generations it had seen that breathed through these walls, the doors that boasted of extravagance and familiarity of insurmountable wealth now creaks alone at the litter of cats living in the basement as if begging them to be gentle on their way out.

It looks around nervously, but still quite alert as if its spirit had not aged a day, the sun just came in peeping through those massive windows. They look at each other as if its just another day, but they both knew it was their last day together, they never talked though, that’s the chemistry they always shared.

One final strand of its last inhabitants lingers on, chirruping through the old cabinet almost scared of being discarded, brightly printed and full of colors even after all these years. It wraps the atrocity around its neck, never fond of bright colors, like a garland of flowers, it always knew how to exit with finesse.

It knew the time spent was enough and fulfilling, but bidding final farewell was always painful. It had done it many time before, but this time was different, this time he was one leaving.

Shot by Parizad D
Model : Himanshu Singh
Styled by Ashna Verma

On Himanshu

Olive Green blazer by Philocaly
Floral Nehru jacket, Bloom by Philocaly