About Us

Founded in 2015, Philocaly is a contemporary menswear brand that derives inspiration from art, experiences and modern cultural references. Our design language /philosophy lies in clean silhouettes and cuts, minimal surface development and intrepid use of colors and patterns. We love geometry and synchronal arrangements, which reflects heavily in our work.

The Brand

Philocaly, the word has Greek origins and means, “love of beauty”, which more than defines our innate intentions. Beauty might seem like a simple word, with basic interpretations, but for us it defines a much deeper and complex emotions. We believe there is beauty in individuality, and in the strength to embrace that individuality. This feeling drove us to embark on this journey we call Philocaly, where we constantly strive to add people to our little family to form a common yet individual sense of style and language.

Styling is ingrained in us, and also sets us apart from most bespoke brands; our clothes define the client’s as much as they define our sense of style. We feel being scrupulous to one’s own style is more attractive than aping someone else’s style and for us at Philocaly this school of thought is prime.


Craft & Fabric

Classic craftsmanship is an integral part of the bespoke process, and so we have employed highly trained and experienced master cutters and craftsmen in order for us to deliver a product that is not only of the best quality but also a great fit.

Fabric is the soul of any outfit, and the soul has to reflect an identity. We are proud to say that our soul dictates an identity, which is stalwart in the industry. From the finest Giza cotton to the purest form of linen for our shirts, 100% tropical wool from Italy to the most ornate silk sourced directly from the weavers of Benaras, we house fabrics that tell a thousand tales from across the globe.


Ashna Verma
Design head and Co-founder

A serial and evolving creator of things with love of multiple mediums, Ashna lends Philocaly its aesthetic identity. A Nift graduate, she has worked as a designer and a stylist with international brands and celebrities. Passionate about details, she is the heart and soul of Philocaly, and brings to the table an innate understanding of classic cuts and modern trends.

Shrey Vij
Business head and Co-founder

An avid entrepreneur, with a background in production, merchandising and marketing, Shrey is a NIFT graduate with an experience of 3 years in the menswear industry. A keen observer, meticulous with business, a movie buff and a student of modern culture, he brings to the table most our cultural inspiration.

Together they form a strong team not only as business partners but also as friends who understand each other and have a common passion to serve modern man’s sartorial needs.

The Philocaly Studio

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